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retired inspector and spent decades trying to keep our food safe. she was one of the first inspectors on this so-called himp pilot inspectio program. >> if they enter with feces and bile and scabs, they roll around in the tank for an hour. >> himp turns over much of the work to employees. and refocuses federal inspectors on spotting dangerous microbes. >> congress passed a law let's go by the law. >> what you are talking about these blemishes, these are quality issues. >> the chicken processing association says himp has had a remarkable record since the program rolled out in 1998. >> in 20 chicken plants for 13 years and these plants have good or better of a record.
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>> himp speeds up the line and puts inspectors at the end of it when it is too late to catch problems. >> a lot of americans feel the same way. >> i'm praying it works and feel like the lord's going to follow through and it's going to work. we're going to save lives in this country. >> 9news now. >> and in the national chicken council says visual inspection is just one of a dozen checks to keep disease out. this is modernization based on the latest science. to the latest development on the david patraeus sex scandal. at a news conference today president obama commented on patraeus's affair for the very first time. >> i have no evidence at this point that classified information was disclosed that in anyway would have had a negative impact on national security. >> and mr. obama says he is
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withholding any judgment on why he didn't learn about that investigation sooner. >> the president also commended patraeus on his service to the country. >> he has agreed to testify about the attack on libya and the pentagon's investigating e-mail communications who apparently is not too happy with all the new found fame. >> there's a whole bunch of people blocking my alley and can't drive into my own driveway. >> about how many people are out there? >> 10 at least. >> i'm a consulate general. i have involuntary ubl uability. they should not be able to cross my property. >> kelley does not have any diplomatic protection. paula broadwell still at her brother's. >> it's been a game of cat and mouse. this morning when she went for an early morning run,
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she slipped by five photographers. >> it's crazy. it's like a small big town. >> the stake out at paula's brother's home includes about a dozen photo journalists. >> i thought it was a movie set going on. >> some are on the sidewalk in front of the yellow home. and some in the public alleyway behind the house. last night the photographers who took pictures of broad well through a window say they had to have known they were there and looked as though she was posing at times. >> you do things in private and everything has ramifications. now the concern is on the national security level and not just neighbors who are wondering what secrets she may be hiding. >> i wonder what the woman's motives might have been and that's my concern as a citizen i guess. >> peggy fox, 9news now. >> back to that conference president obama held. it was his first since winning his second term and there was no
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shortage of tough questions. >> president obama is calling on congress to extend tax cuts for middle class americans and let them expire for those making more than $250,000 a year. >> what i'm not going to do is to extend further a tax cut for folks who don't need it which would cost close to a trillion dollars. >> raising taxes is not the answer. >> additional revenue should be tied to the only thing that will save the country in the long run and that is reforming entitlement. >> both parties support immigration reform. and the president said that will be a top priority in his second term. >> we need to seize the moment. >> president obama will have to replace david patraeus at the cia. and choose a handful of new cabinet members including a new secretary of state. republicans have been critical of one possible choice. un ambassador susan rice because of
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interviews she gave after the attacks in libya. >> if senator mccain and graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. >> president said if he thinks rice is the best person for the job, he will nominate her. cbs news. >> and congressional leaders from both parties are invited to the white house friday to begin the talks on how to avoid that fiscal cliff. israel launched 20 airstrikes. the leader one of 10 people killed. two young children were also among those casualties. this is the largest attack on the palestinian territory in four years. military officials warn the conflict could escalate into a ground operation. two drivers and a student taken to the hospital after a crash. that pick-up truck you see rammed into that bus you see right there. right at the intersection of route 301 and
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swanson road. a spokes person with the prince georges county school system tells us 32 kids were on that bus at the time. but all of their injuries are considered minor. some religious holidays are holier than others and a montgomery county school district that's true. the county will not close for muslim holidays. muslim asked -- they'll track attendance to see if that move might make sense for sometime in the future. a live look outside right now. another chilly november night is on the way. and topper is out on the weather terrace. how are you feeling? you have big red coat. >> good news. it's not windy. bad news is it's going to be a cold night. let's start with the temperatures. temperatures in the 30s primarily. 32 in frederick. and 37 in leesburg
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and manassis. we have a few clouds that will roll through tonight and that's about it. high clouds rolling in here later on. otherwise clear and cold. low is 28 to 38. winds light northeast to 10. we'll come back and talk about how we're going to finish the week and weekend. the redskins in town. can we keep it dry for both games? we'll let you know. >> he is the pervert convicted of grabbing four woman last summer. now oscar mauricio cornejo-pena is facing 180 days in prison for all but 90 days for that suspended. the judge placed the 31-year-old on three years of probation and ordered him to seek sex offender treatment. one woman wrote an he is an about it putting the public spotlight on those attacks. >> i didn't see him coming. he just reached up my skirt and
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fondlied me. and biked away while laughing. >> he may have more trouble in his future. ice has put a detainer on him. meaning he could face deportation. still ahead, plastic bag battle. would a ban on the bags save the environment or trash thousands of local jobs? we'll tell you about it.
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wake up europe. >> millions of workers all across europe on strike tonight demonstrated in the streets in more than 20 countries all protesting against major government spending cuts. nearly half the nation's young people are out of work. maybe the protestors want the government to start creating more jobs. riding on the dulles toll
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road is about to get more expensive. beginning in january the toll goes up from $1.50 to $1.75. tolls will rise from 75 cents to $1. in january 2014, the toll jumps to $2.75. these additional funds will go toward construction of the metro silver line. another live look outside. topper is here after the break with the forecast. law makers looking for answers on that deadly meningitis out break. how bad are plastic bags for our environment? experts from both sides weigh in in tonight's green alert.
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law makers tonight digging for answers on the meningitis out break. the owner of the new england compounding center that made the steroids refused to answer questions. a kentucky judge is one of the 32 people killed and his widow was there today. >> we're heart broken. we're devastated. and i just come here begging you to do something about the matter. >> that massachusetts company has had a history of problems. they were nearly shut down a decade ago but the fda deferred
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to state regulators who allowed the company to stay open. the closure could have prevented the out break. in tonight's green alert, more than 13 states, plastic bags are either banned at grocery stores or tagged with fees to deter their use. that's according to the advocacy group surf rider foundation. plastic bags hurt the environment while opponents say the harm's really exaggerated. >> you won't find plastic bags at bob's market in southern california. they are banned in 50 cities and counties across the state. francine shops with her own reuseable bags and wants more communities to enforce bans. >> if they went through a garbage dump or trash site, they'll think twice about it. >> supporters of the ban say plastic bags crowd landfills, threaten marine life.
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>> where plastic is banned, stores go through piles of paper bags. those also take a toll on the environment but about 50% do get recycled. >> that's compared to about 5% of plastic bags. manufacturers say banning the bags is unfair. >> the amount of litter that plastic bags produce is less than half of 1%. >> with the aadvocacy group. and plastic bags make up closer to 25%. >> litter on the streets gets washed through the storm drains out to the beach. and plastic bags are often part of that trash. >> since the floating plastic can resemble jelly fish, animals confuse it for food. the future could depend on what happens in los angeles. la is studying the impact of passing own ban and could become the largest city in the country to trash plastic
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bags. cbs news , santa monica, california. >> threaten more than 30,000 american jobs. and the recycle rate may be low, about 60% of people reuse the plastic bags from cleaning up after their pets to storing trash. >> not a bad end to the week. >> it was only 49 today. that was a little chilly . our average high is 59. finish the week strong and start the weekend on a good note. let's start with a live look outside. michael and son weather cam. this is looking across the river from crystal city. again, high 49. currently it's 43. dew point still in the up 20s. that's pretty high. we're looking at light east northeast wind at 37.
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satellite picture radar combined. a lot of high clouds. indiana, kentucky and tennessee . you get back into georgia and find showers and rain with the system. we're going to find rain tomorrow south of us. raleigh south and east. and most of south carolina will have rain tomorrow. it will eventually stay south and east of us and move out to sea. only affects tonight and tomorrow will be high clouds. end the week on a very nice note. temperatures they are falling. pretty fast. 35. 36 in gathersburg. 37 in vienna. fairfax is 39. 41 in arlington. 40 in college park . and 41 down toward andrews. so here's the deal, staying crisp as it were. breezes will diminish. not for windchill. straight temps. still a little chilly tomorrow but a very nice finish to the week.
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for tonight, high clouds and cold. 28 to 38 and winds out of the northeast at about 10. gathers burg, upper 20s tonight. 32 in college park. 32 in boey. ouy. partly cloudy and chilly. upper 20s early. by afternoon, partly cloudy. a bit chilly. keep your coat handy . good news is winds are light northeasterly at 5 to 10. 50 with a low sun angle. the next three days our weather alerts are green. cool but nice on friday. 54. a bit milder on saturday. pretty nice day. the skins however we're still watching that coastal storm. looking at new information. little bit of light rain is possible late sunday especially south and east of 95. the game might be dry during the game.
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only 49 on sunday. low 50s monday with lingering showers monday and clearing out tuesday and wednesday. >> not bad. tonight we are hearing from a couple snow boarders who say they had to stick together after they got stranded in a blizzard. >> what happens in the cave stays in the cave. >> those are the guys who went boarding sunday. but then a snowstorm hit. they got lost and dialled 911. good thing they had their phones. the dispatcher told them stay put. that's what they did for two nights. finally, rescuers found them tuesday afternoon. >> a little scary. >> but they are home safe. we'll be back in a minute. >> we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails. mailbag at wus ashgs a
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in the mail bag tonight, president obama's plan to avoid that fiscal cliff. in his news conference today, the president said the one thing he will not do is preserve tax cuts for people who make more than a quarter million bucks a year. craig writes now is not the time for the president to draw lines in the sand. mr. obama, compromise involves you suggest a higher number. you move up and they move down until both sides reach agreement. compromise. i wonder about that as well. i know the president wants to walk the line. i'm glad he also said that he's open to other ideas as long as the numbers add up. and then there
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was this from alfred. is the president aware if he raises the tax rate on capitol gains, dividends and interest, he will raise taxes on the middle class? they are the ones who have invested in america and retirees and those making less than $250,000 annually who depend on those returns to supplement their income. it is a decent point. from what i can determine, the president's plan would raise the gains rate from 15% to 20%. the whole idea being that the very rich who make all of their money from investments and interest ought not be paying a rate so much lower than the people who take home their money in a salary. is there a way to insulate the middle class from that change? sure. mitt romney wanted to eliminate taxes for anybody making under $200,000. however, the question would be once again, can you make the numbers add up? i'm hoping in fact, that will be the number one question asked
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every time anyone tries to put a budget plan on the table. we welcome back plans or ideas or anything in the mail bag. that is our report. i'll be right back here at 11:00. don't forget log on any time you like to wusa9 .com. have a nice night. see you later. bye.
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♪ "e.t." jon bon jovi. his daughter. her reported overdose. the latest tonight. the new jersey rocker's teen daughter busted for heroin. the 911 call. >> what we know about her condition right now. plus -- our time with the bon jovi family. then, the mistress at the center of the cia sex scandal, shooting guns? >> did she go crazy after he ended the affair? >> plus, her odd connection to angelina jolie. lindsay lohan's mom with "e.t." today. >> lindsay was supposed to sit down with barbara walters, what happened? >> the barbara waters backout. the drug allegations. is dina in denial? >> plus, only we have lindsay as cleopatra. and then "dancing with the stars" after kirstie? what she only told us about her last dance.

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